Marketing Your Home

To sell your home you need a supercharged marketing plan

To sell your home you need a supercharged marketing plan

To sell a home for the most amount of money in the shortest time, you must have a “supercharged” marketing plan.

Every one of our listings gets the same 4 step plan to ensure all Buyers are viewing your home!

This proprietary 4 step marketing plan took us 10 years to create and is broken down as follows:


TV is an effective tool we use in marketing your homeNo other medium is as powerful and produces as many household impressions as television. Our Buyer ads attract first-time buyers and trade-up/trade-down buyers who are looking for homes that just came on the market. In fact our newest ad which promotes our home search app has been downloaded thousands of times resulting in countless transactions. Every month we receive hundreds of Buyer inquiries looking to see our listings. In addition, our weekly FOX25 real estate segments allow us to not only educate Buyers on the market but promote many of our homes to them as well.

Online Advertising

Online advertising starts with taking the highest quality pictures to ensure that every home receives maximum exposure. Let’s face it, most agents aren’t professional photographers.  An agent running around with a regular digital camera or smartphone is far different than a professional with a $3,000-$5,000 state of the art camera.  Angles and lighting can make a profound difference in how a Buyer perceives your home. National studies have proven that the more quality pictures posted online the more views your home will receive!

Home View Before Professional Photographer

Home View Before Professional Photographer

Home View After Professional Photographer

Home View After Professional Photographer





Interactive Floor Plans

Another absolute must for our client’s homes is an Interactive Floor Plan.  Virtual tour technology has been around for 12 years now, but the complaint has always been how the video feels like it was taken in a fish bowl. This is because the lens used takes 360° pictures that make for this fishbowl or underwater feel.  Technology improvements now allow for better imaging, higher quality pictures coupled with an interactive floor plan, and even a Room Planner tool! See an example of a completed floor plan. Study after study show how interactive presentations increase online viewings by as much as 50%!  The following links demonstrate the results of this technology and show why Buyers won’t be able to stay away from your home. View a Colonial Home Floor Plan or View a Bungalow Floor Plan.

Interactive presentations increase online viewings by as much as 50%

Interactive presentations increase online viewings by as much as 50%

Real Estate Websites

Perfect pictures and interactive floor plans are all for nothing if they are placed on MLS and other real estate sites incorrectly. MLS must have the maximum amount of pictures, which is 30, to ensure the most Buyers are viewing your home. It still amazes us how so many agents will upload 10 or less pictures on MLS and most of them are low quality at best. It is not enough just to put the home on MLS, obviously a good first step, but there are countless other sites that need even more attention.

Did you know sites like and require tedious manual uploading of pictures to ensure the home gets the correct exposure? The more obvious sites like and require exclusive contracts and continue to charge more and more for proper home placement but also require plenty of administrative work to ensure accuracy. Remember, just because a Buyer can log onto these sites for free to view homes does not mean that they are free to advertise your home on.

Some of the sites we advertise on in addition to MLS

Some of the sites we advertise on in addition to MLS

The rising costs of advertising homes online is one of the biggest reasons that many agents do not do it and rely solely on MLS.

There are hundreds and hundreds of paid and free real estate sites ranging from to that your home needs to be placed on to ensure every Buyer is viewing your home.



International Real Estate Websites

We promote your property to an international audience

We promote your property to an international audience


In addition, due to foreign investors entering in the U.S. real estate market, we are having great success with  This site which translates our listings into 12 different languages like Portuguese and Chinese and promotes your home internationally.




Social Media

Facebook is another way to get more buyers to see your home

Facebook is another way to get more buyers to see your home

Last, but definitely not least, in the online advertising section is Social Media.

Each year Facebook, Twitter and popular blog sites gain more and more traction with how we buy products. Real estate is no exception. Tweeting out your home to thousands of followers is a great way for a buzz to be created about a new listing in a community.

Also, posting a home on Facebook is another strategy to leverage our sphere of influence about your home.

Reverse Prospecting

Reverse Prospecting is a way of targeting Buyers interested in your home

Reverse Prospecting is another way we target Buyers interested in your home

Most sellers are unaware that MLS and many subscription based real estate databases allow you to push the home out to thousands of agents that have qualified buyers searching for a home like yours.

Since all Buyers have to put in a fairly specific search criteria when searching on MLS, this tool allows us to target these Buyers with emails to notify them of the home for sale.

Seems simple enough, and quite frankly it is, and it is just another tool in the toolbox to ensure every qualified Buyer knows about your home.

Additional Marketing

TV, online marketing, and reverse prospecting all make a huge impact on attracting Buyers to your home but there are still some basics strategies that we can’t forget about.

Open houses are a good way to showcase the home to many Buyers

Open houses for certain homes are still a good way to showcase it to many Buyers. Proper notification to agents and buyers along with extensive signage is always required for good open house attendance.

Just Listed postcards are another way to notify the neighborhood and the town, that your home is on the market. Postcards enlist other residents to help sell your home. A high quality image and flashy description are mandatory on a postcard to have any chance of success.

And finally, descriptive collateral, ranging from listing sheets to floor plans are uploaded onto all sites but also prominently displayed at your home for Buyers to freely review.

Some clients have asked why we are so open with our marketing strategy when plenty of agents have and will print this up and try and copy it. The answer is simple; the amount of employees, agents, systems, and money needed to implement each step effectively is too difficult to copy. As mentioned earlier, it has taken us almost 10 years of trial and error to perfect how to market a home successfully but we now have it down to a science!


I would like to say thank you to the McGeough Lamacchia team. Their unique system of evaluating a home’s potential and designing a marketing campaign worked flawlessly. They were able to give us maximum exposure to many potential buyers. They were never too busy to answer our many questions and were quick with suggestions. We were delighted to accept an offer made the same day the property went on the market.

Elaine O., Randolph, Massachusetts